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Mojito Monsoon

$250.00 $165.00

16 x 13 Inches
1/8 inch canvas-wrapped panel
Acrylics, gloss varnish

This is the spiritual sequel to my other drip painting, “Dust Storm”.  Whereas that painting explores what it’s like to get caught in a dry dust storm, “Mojito Monsoon” explores the experience of getting caught in a monsoon (essentially it’s a very bad rainstorm, if you’re not familiar.)

Normally, monsoons are a whole lot of not-fun (speaking from experience), so I wonder.. if monsoons rained mojitos instead of raindrops, would they be more enjoyable, or less enjoyable?  These are the important questions to consider, because you simply never know when it could suddenly start raining mixed drinks.

Mmmm… mo-ji-to. 😀

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