Hi I’m Bryan Gosselin, and welcome to Bryan Gosselin Fine Art.Bryan Gosselin - abstract paintings and mixed media

As a child living in Massachusetts, I first discovered my love for art. I knew even then that I was to be an artist when I grew up. I knew that art was my passion, and that I’d be perfectly happy if the rest of my days were spent finger painting and making things out of Play-Dough. But one has to eventually grow up (if you’d call it that), get an art degree, start using professional quality materials and start sharing with the world.

My art is an extension of myself. I draw on a multitude of sources.. dreams, philosophy, science, religion, technology, personal experiences or even just abstract ideas that only my subconscious truly understands on a meaningful level. Like Picasso said, “I don’t say everything, but I paint everything.” Art is a way for me to communicate what I might otherwise not.

Stylistically, my current work explores the use of color, abstract forms, texture, texture and more texture. Utilizing liberally-applied acrylic gels, pastes, found objects and other mixed media elements, I enjoy turning a 2-dimensional canvas into a 3-dimensional sculpture – my textural works are designed to be touched, as well as seen.

I hope you enjoy my abstract paintings and mixed media as much as I did creating them. Thanks for visiting!